Phil Schopick Test Prep Offers the Following Services

Whatever a student’s needs, Phil Schopick Test Prep offers classes that fit their schedules and their best method of learning.

The following tutoring options are available:

  • One-on-one private tutoring. These are typically one-hour sessions.
  • Small group sessions for students who wish to study together. These can be from one to two hours in length.
  • Large group sessions, often offered through area schools, provide more of a general overview to test preparation. These classes provide comprehensive test prep experience, combining teaching of test content and test-taking strategies. This overview also includes specific help identifying pacing issues. These sessions usually consist of 10 classes, each of three hours in length.
  • ACT and SAT “Blitz” classes, which provide last-minute test-taking tips and practice opportunities for those taking the SAT and ACT. These 90-minute to two-hour sessions help students identify some things they can do to dramatically improve their test performance when only a few days remain prior to the test date.
  • Telephone tutoring. These one-hour sessions are private tutoring opportunities that can help students improve their test-taking abilities when they live too far away to meet with the tutor in person.

Fees & References

Phil Schopick’s tutoring is affordable!
Fees and references upon request:

Phone: (614) 783-0381